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When an author is so assiduous in her research that she wants to pour out all of it, every little inconsequential detail, each bit of dreg and smidgeon of minutiae, either to show off her knowledge or because she can't bear the idea of all that work going to waste, this is the sort of thing you will see. In Karen J. Gallahue's Murder with a French Twist is this passage, where I have put in bold that amassed gratuitous trivia. At least it's got a bit of food amidst all that dross.
"Are you sure we're dressed appropriately?" asked Caroline.
"Definitely," said Jack. "We're not going to the main dining room tonight. I thought you might prefer the brasserie-type restaurant, called L'Obelisque. It is more casual, and the chefs are noted for their regional French cooking."
He led the way. L'Obelisque was paneled in rich, dark wood and boasted distinctive mirrors bowed at the tops. Exquisite and unique leaf-shaped chandeliers reflected themselves in the mirrors. Snowy white linens and dark red chairs provided a welcoming atmosphere.
As they checked their menus, Ruth leaned over to ask Dan, "What kind of duck will you be ordering tonight?"
Dan was unperturbed. "As a matter of fact, I don't see any on the menu. I'll try the guinea fowl. With, of course, chartreuse of foie gras."
"Of course," she grinned.
The group enjoyed the courses and the accompanying glasses of wine.
"I thought you might like to know," said Jack, "that several of your presidents have stayed at this hotel."
"Really?" asked Dan. "Which ones?"
"Woodrow Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Jack Kennedy and his well-known wife, and Franklin Roosevelt, when he was secretary of state."
"Any other famous people?" asked Caroline.
"The Crillon also hosts a debutante ball," said Jack. "Lauren Bush was escorted by a prince, and Gorbachev's granddaughter was here one year."
"Anyone else?" Jack asked the waiter, who was removing the plates.
"Madonna and Arnold Schwarzenegger," he said with a quick smile.
"I understand that this hotel was also taken over by high-ranking Nazis during World War II," said Dan.
"Yes, much to the dislike of the Parisians," said Jack.
After a marvelous meal, the waiter handed them the dessert menu. Jack said,"You must try the bourbon vanilla mille-feuille," said Jack. "It has several layers of puff pastry. In between is a marvelous filling of pastry cream, and it's topped with icing."


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hmmm.. it is already *May* where you are?

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Time warp, I think.

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Then again, almost any book in which "foie gras" is mentioned usually disappoints me.

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