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Apr 28, 2011

Perversion #31

I went to get my retina examined the other day, seven years after my previous visit to the specialist. I was referred by my optician. The retinal specialist had told me on my last examination that there was no need for regular checkups, which is why I only went back to him recently. The good thing about these Harley street types is that even if they last saw you last half a century ago, you get a discount as a follow-up.

Anyway, I received a copy of his report to the optician a few days after my visit. 
Thank you for referring this young man in having observed a colour change in the periphery of his left retina. He is a known myope.
A known myope?  A known myope? A known myope? Sounds like a perfidious perversion.

Any minute now I expect the rampaging lynch mob at my door.


km said...

Didn't your government jail Oscar Wilde and Alan Turing for just that?

Anonymous said...

Just as I always suspected. Heh.

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