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Apr 3, 2011

Wireless Trends

The Wall Street Journal had a recent article about a bunch of entrepreneurs gathering in New York to discuss trends in wireless technologies. Of course, there is food involved:
Around 8 p.m., dinner was served. Guests had two choices: Arctic char with green cabbage, cauliflower and American caviar, or a braised flat iron steak with caramelized shallots, squash and sweet potatoes.

In the middle of dinner, Rush Doshi, co-founder of SuperGlued, a free iPhone app that lets users share concert experiences and buy tickets, threw a mind grenade onto the table. "I don't think people realize how much data they are giving away," said Mr. Doshi. "I think you'll start hearing a lot more about privacy."

"You share much more information on the Web than you do on your phone," replied Eric Litman, chief executive of Medialets, a two-year-old company that helps advertisers create and serve ads on mobile devices.

As the waiters brought out a dessert of sticky toffee fig cake, entrepreneur Jonathan Wegener said the emergence of tools that allow people to set up private groups would help solve the problem. "People will take back privacy by creating groups," said Mr. Wegener, co-founder of Exit Strategy, which makes an app with New York subway and street maps.


Anonymous said...

You know what I want for dessert. Treacle pudding.


Fëanor said...

What, sticky toffee doesn't hit the spot?

Anonymous said...

Fine! One serving of each please.

*settles down to be served*

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