The idle ramblings of a Jack of some trades, Master of none

Margaret Truman is known for her political thrillers, and Murder at the Kennedy Center is par for that course. Like her previous eight thrillers, this is a best-seller, and fit for a long flight, when the machinations of the rich and powerful in Washington DC become as stereotypical as this meal at a 'fancy' restaurant:
They'd chosen house specials: salmon with a bouquet of enoki mushrooms for her, lobster in beurre blanc for him, after sharing a cold foie gras with a garnish of beluga caviar. A Muscadet accompanied the meal, inexpensive and unambitious. Mac Smith had had enough of complexity and ambition for one day.
Now, with coffee in front of them, they sat back in their heavy armchairs and looked at each other.
"I am disappointed, you know," she said.


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