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Jun 26, 2011

Calvados Cocktail

That man Massimo Carlotto was falsely implicated in some crime, went on the run, returned to Italy, spent a while in prison, and came out with very little respect for either the judiciary or the politicians. He turned his mind to some noirish crime literature, and imbued his works with his disdain for the authorities and his affection for alcoholic beverages. Here's a small excerpt from his The Master of Knots.
I tasted the Alligator that Rudy had mixed for me: seven parts Calvados, three of Drambuie, plenty of ice and a slice of green apple, following the recipe invented by Danilo Argiolas, the guy who runs the Libarium bar in Cagliari. It hadn't yet reached the ideal temperature.
When I asked for an Alligator and explained its composition to the barman, he acted scandalised and sought to dissuade me, recomending other Calvados-based cocktails. After some elegant verbal sparring, I was forced to give in and try his 'Apple Cocktail': Calvados, cider, gin and cognac. I downed it and ordered another one straight away - it really was good.


amar said...

calvados just by itself tastes mighty fine, the cocktail must be delicious.

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