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Jul 15, 2011


The English, it seems, can catch no break. The French pooh-pooh them as Anglo-Saxons. The French lump them with Americans. The Scots disparage them Sassenachs. We won't get into what the Welsh say of them, even in their politest moments. 

And yet why excoriate them as Anglo-Saxons? They are as much French as the French. Remember 1066? They are also as German as the Germans. The French are mainly German. 

Who is not German, in the ultimate analysis? We are all Germans. Or at least we'd all like to be - in the current economic climate. And especially after the way they played at the last football World Cup.

Say what you will about the Anglo-Saxons, though. They have some things going for them. They don't jump queues. They don't barge into a train before alighting passengers have had a chance to exit. They don't honk at pedestrians crossing a road at a pedestrian crossing. And they don't blame the Anglo-Saxons for the ruination of the world since 2007.

In short, it's okay to be Anglo-Saxon.


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