The idle ramblings of a Jack of some trades, Master of none

“When Cornelius Kingsley Garrison Billings, the millionaire founder of petrochemical giant Union Carbide, took his prize-winning trotters on a goodwill tour of Eastern Europe in 1909, he brought along horse-racing journalist Murray Howe to chronicle the trip in weekly dispatches to The Horse Review magazine.” (from the Moscow Times.)

Murray Hove took 400 photos in Moscow and St Petersburg (recently published on Flickr by his great-grandson, occasioning much excitement in the Russian blogosphere), and wrote letters home, complete with foodiness:
“The zakouski [appetizers] table has no seats, you simply walk up and take a plate and a fork — then you spear a couple of bites of caviar, a pickled sterlet’s fin, a toasted sturgeon’s ear and a liberal portion of sunflower salad. All this you wash down with a small whiskey glass full of vodka. If you are thirsty you can increase the number of vodkas without drawing attention.”


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