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Nov 17, 2011

It Doesn't Suit

Came to work today and realised that my suit jacket didn't match my trousers. Granted both were dark colours. Still, one was dark blue and the other was deep black.

Ever the masochist, I pointed out the faux-pas to a colleague.

'You numpty,' he said, smirking.

'You wally,' said another, passing by. 'What is this - American-style?'

This contretemps points to several things:
  1. People on the train looking my way were not admiring me. 
  2. I don't wear suits as often as I should.
  3. I should be a bit more organised in keeping suit jackets and trousers together.
  4. I should not dress in the dark. Even if the light wakes the wife up and subsequent life is less worth living.


km said...

A first world problem, but not a trivial problem by any means.

Why can't we have suits that have tags on the inside clearly identifying their colors? Better still, why not a hexadecimal color tag? (I was thinking of a QR code tag but that would be taking things too far...)

Anonymous said...

Apparently black x navy is tres chic according to Ines de la Fresange and a fashion trade secret. Go you!

Anonymous said...

pOkay however you resolve this is fine but please do not even CONSIDER turning that light on. I swear. Bad things will happen. And I also hope that you aren't one of those who shuffles around noisily in the room getting yourself organized.

Feanor said...

sorry, guys, for belated response - i'm attending a wedding in delhi. or the first time forever! it's a bit of a thrill.

KM: those tags won't help in the dark, will they? Unless they are glow-in-the-dark kinda tags.

CB: okay, i'll bite: who is ines de la whatsit? (but i'll accept the kudos anyway, heheh)

Anon: can i help it if the floorboard creaks? can i? can i?

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