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Dec 12, 2011

A Gift

The boy attended a birthday party on Sunday and returned with a helium balloon. As I put him in bed, he caught my face in his hands and brought his face close to mine. 'If you get scared at night,' he whispered, 'don't worry. I've put a present over your bed. It will keep you safe.'

The present was his balloon. It hovered over us bluely as we slept.

The night was riven by a 'thp, thp, thp' sound that then changed to a 'SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.'

We juddered awake, panicked, gasping.

The balloon had been sucked into the fan.

That was the end of that night's slumber.

[Before you ask why we have the fan on in winter, let me say two words: 'stuffy' and 'without'.

The boy was alternately mirthful and sympathetic when next morning we told him what had happened.]


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