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Feb 15, 2013


I was working on some statistics the other day when the cleaner arrived. I left the work on the screen, and when she walked by, she noticed the mathematical formulae.

"You are mathematic?" she said. 

She is not entirely fluent in English.

"You are a teacher?" she said.

"No, not a teacher," I said.

"But you are mathematic?" she urged.

"Yes," I said.

"I am economic," she said. "I study in Poland."


The boy sees me reading a history book. He has keenly noted my predilection for things past. He sits with me when I watch TV programmes on ancient civilisations and disappeared empires.

"I want to be historic, like Acha," he says.

"Not pre-historic, like the dinosaurs?" I tease.

"Stop it, Acha," he says.


Anonymous said...

You pretentious little statistic, masquerading as a mathematic to seduce the help! Neither time, nor matrimony, nor parenthood has sobered your predilections in the slightest. Do the boy and the wife have any notion whatsoever of their revered patriarch's propensities?
--Budgerung Bully

Phantasmagoria said...

I forgot what I wanted to say after reading the other comment. No words now! :)

Feanor said...

Anon: the wife is still chuckling.

Phantasm: speechlessness? Unbelievable!

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