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Mar 7, 2013

A Score of Queries

The boy has been introduced to the parlour game called '20 questions.' He doesn't have patience for all twenty, and he is wont to spill the answer, but he likes the game and he thinks he should play it with me.

We are on our way to his judo.

"Okay, boy," I say, "You can start guessing."

"Is it a sportsman?"


"Is it a woman?"


"Is it an astronaut?"

"No. That's three questions already."

"Is it an actor?"


"You know, acha, I can ask you for the first letter of her name."


"So what's the first letter?"


"Er, Katherine, Kristina.. I don't know any actor women with K."

"Yes, you do."

"What does her last name start with?"


"K K. I don't know, acha, this is too hard," he says, slightly upset.

I mutter 'Kaif' under my breath and his face lights up.

"Katrina Kaif!"

We shake hands while he exults. 

"I can't believe I guessed that," he says, grinning from ear to ear.


We start another game.

"Is it a sportsman?" he asks.


"Is it an actor?" he says, suspicion clouding his brow.


"Is it a man?"


"What's the first letter of the last name?"


"K? Again?" he says, indignantly. "Is it one of the Kapoor family?"


He breaks into the widest grin yet. 

"Saif Ali Khan!" he says. "Saif Ali Khan!"

"Nope," I say, but he is not dashed at all.

"I know! I know! It's Salman Khan!"


"Now it's your turn to guess, acha," the boy says.

"Okay. Is it a sportsman?"

"No, acha, it's a vehicle."

"All right," I say. I already know what it will be.

"Is it Swedish?"


"Is it American?"


"Is it Japanese?"


"Is it German?"

"No," he says happily. "You are using up your questions, acha."

"Is it Italian?"


"Okay, so it is a Ferrari, right?"



"Lamborghini is not Italian, is it?"

"It is," I say.

"Well then," he says, "no."

"Is it an Alfa Romeo?"


"I know," I say, "It is a Maserati."

"No, acha," he says.

"Wait a minute," I say, glaring at him. "It is not a motorcycle, is it?"

"I said vehicle, acha," he says reproachfully.

"Well, a motorbike is a vehicle."

"I meant a car, of course," he says. "And you've used up 11 questions. Quickly, acha, we're nearly at the judo!"

"I'm kinda stuck here," I say.

"Shall I tell you what it is?" he offers, bouncing on his seat.

"No, no," I say. "Let me keep guessing."

"Well, go on, then."

"Is it a Lancia?"

"I have never even seen that, acha!"



"Aha," I say. "It is a Bugatti!"

"Of course, acha," he says triumphantly. "It is a Bugatti Veyron! It's the car you're going to buy for me when I get my driving licence!"


Space Bar said...

Uff. Boys and cars, I tel you. S used to drool over the Vieron a couple of years ago. Knew every vital stat possible. Has strangely gone off cars now though.

Feanor said...

We saw the Veyron a bit ago. The boy wanted me to whip out my credit card and buy it right there. Now he thinks that if he keeps scooping the pennies he finds lying around the house and saving them in his piggy bank, he'll be able to buy it himself. Ah, youth.

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