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Apr 3, 2013

Oulipo Grub

Christian Bök spent seven years of his life producing the minor tour-de-force he called Eunoia, in which, corresponding to the letter U, he has a page depicting the foodiness of someone called Ubu. An alter ego, perhaps?

Ubu gulps up brunch: duck, hummus, nuts, fugu,
bulgur, buns (crusts plus crumbs), blutwurst, bruh-
wurst, spuds, curds, plums: munch, munch. Ubu sups.
Ubu slurps rum punch. Ubu chugs full cups (plus
mugs), full tubs (plus tuns): glug, glug. Ubu gluts
up grub; thus Ubu's plump gut hurts. Ubu grunts:
ugh, ugh. Ubu burps up mucus sputum. Ubu up-
chucks lunch. Ubu slumps. Ubu sulks. Ubu shrugs.
Ubu slurs drunk chums. Ubu snubs such drunks; thus
curt churls cuss: 'shut up, Ubu, shut up'. Gruff punks
club Ubu. Butch thugs drub Ubu. Ku-klux cults
kung-fu punch Ubu. Rumdum bums bust up pubs.


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