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The other day, the wife wanted a frappuccino so we nipped into a Starbucks. While she bought the drink, I popped over to the loo. As is my custom, I lowered the lid before flushing, and what did I find? £160 in crisp twenties fallen behind the toilet lid.

I handed the cash over to the barista. He said, 'You found this in the toilet?' He laughed. A customer standing at the counter laughed. They both stared at me.

The manager saw the cash in the barista's hands. 'Where did that come from?' she said. The barista pointed at me. 'The gentleman found it in the toilet.'

Loudly, he said, 'I shall put it in the safe.' He looked around the cafe to see if everyone had heard him. He laughed again and shook his head.

'Maybe the loser will come back?' the barista said hopefully.

The manager and the barista muttered to each other. 

'Here you go, sir,' the barista said, offering me a coupon. 'You can have a free drink of your choice at any Starbucks.'

'Three!' said the manager from somewhere beneath the counter.

'Manager says "three"', said the barista, and offered me another two coupons. I thanked him and he laughed once more.

So there you go. Three coupons for free drinks. And all for lowering the toilet lid before flushing.

[You do close the lid, don't you? Before flushing? Think of that fine aerosol of disgusting matter that would otherwise spew all over your clothes and the toilet if you didn't.]


Guru said...

Glad you have kept up your civic sense and discipline - I recall how you refused to litter on the litter filled roads. Just reward I would say. After how many attempts may I ask? : )

Phantasmagoria said...

Guru, you are a bad influence on our very upright and law abiding citizen here. He clearly doesn't work for awards. Given how he returned the long delayed one he received. Next time please just send the reward to me. I shall give free refills as well.

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