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Oct 21, 2013

Boys Will Be Boys

The boy and his friend at lunch.

The boy: 'Carrots are good for your eyes, you know.'

The friend picks up a couple of carrot sticks and pokes them in his eye. He shouts: 'Ow! You betrayed me!'

The boy: 'You are supposed to eat them.'


The boy's friend is very possessive and controlling. He doesn't like it if the boy has a playdate with another classmate.

The boy: 'But you had a playdate with Elian.'

The friend: 'Elian coming home with me is not complex.'


I thought that girls were the experts at mind games, manipulative and crafty. It turns out that boys may not be slouches either.

The boy: 'I am eight years old today.'

The boy's friend: 'You are still little.'

The boy: 'What do you mean? I'm the same age as you!'

The friend: 'I am nine.'

The boy: 'How can you be nine? You just had your eighth birthday party last month.'

The friend: 'In England I'm eight. But in Korea I'm nine.'

The boy is despondent. 'Why can't I be nine in Korea too?'

The friend: 'You are not Korean.'



Anonymous said...

I just lost it at the image of an eight year old poking his eyes out with carrots, and screaming betrayal.

Fëanor said...

Gruesome, eh?

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