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Jun 2, 2014


In the instance of Tell-All, Chuck Palahniuk's first name is appropriate, for in his Katherine Kenton he has a character who eats richly and then has to toss it all up to maintain the beauty and agelessness that she is famed for. Palahniuk's acerbic tone might even mitigate the violence being done to the otherwise luxurious list of foods that Miss Kathie has consumed.
From the downstairs powder, echoing up through the silence of the town house, the sounds of Miss Kathie's gorge rises with beef Stroganoff and Queen Charlotte pears and veal Prince Orloff, heaving up from the depths of Miss Kathie, triggered by the tip of a silver spoon touching the back of her tongue, her gag reflex rejecting it all. 
Downstairs, Miss Kathie heaves out great mouthfuls of gâteau Pierre Rothschild. Bombe de Louise Grimaldi. Aunt Jemima syrup. Lady Baltimore cake. The wet, bubbling shouts of undigested Jimmy Dean sausage.


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