The idle ramblings of a Jack of some trades, Master of none

On the train the other day it was crowded as ever and I didn't have space to read my book so I looked about and I saw a smartly dressed woman sitting with a large stack of papers with dense writing on them. I realised then that I was not bad at all at reading upside down. That is to say, I wasn't upside down, but the writing on the woman's papers was upside down. To me, that is. What I read was her to-do list.
Wash my hair 
Sort out clothes in my bedroom 
Leave out Italian hw and dictionary 
Set alarm for early departure 
Hang out washing and fold aired clothes 
Get room ready for M______ 
Leave out L___ kick boxing gear and my singing stuff 
Don't set house alarm 
Fill in parent day for L___ ice skating trip 
Book annual leave for Christmas 
Speak to mum re: dates 
Check out kami sparling blog post 
Locate video of dancing priests

Impressive stuff, eh? Now I need to find that dancing priests video. Oh, and figure out who kami sparling is.


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