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Nov 6, 2014

Djinn Food

The man looked surprised. He led Marish into a building that looked like a blur of spinning triangles, through a dark room lit by candles, to a table piled with capon and custard and razor-thin slices of ham and lamb's foot jelly and candied apricots and goatsmilk yogurt and hard cheese and yams and turnips and olives and fish cured in strange spices; and those were just the things Marish recognised. 
"I don't reckon I ought to eat fairy food," said Marish, though he could hardly speak from all the spit that was suddenly in his mouth. 
"That is true, but from the food of the djinn you have nothing to fear..."

From Benjamin Rosenbaum, "A Siege of Cranes", in Sean Wallace (ed), The Mammoth Book Of Warriors and Wizardry.


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