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Aug 3, 2015

Lamora Starving

In Scott Lynch's Gentleman Bastards series of fantasies, the world building is impressive and so is the occasional mention of food. 
There were the underwater mushrooms of the Amathel, translucent and steamed to the texture of gossamer, paired with col-black truffles in malt and mustard sauce. There were cool buttercream cheeses an crackling, caustic golden peppers. Spicy fried bread wit sweet onions was drizzled with tart yellow yoghurt, a variation on a dish Locke recognised from the cuisine of Syrune. Each of these courses was bookended with wine and more wine. Though Locke felt his own wits softening, he was heartened to see the deepening blush on Sabetha's cheeks and the way her smiles grew steadily wider and easier as the evening wore on.


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