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In Habib Selmi's The Scents of Marie-Claire, the Tunisian narrator dreams that his dead mother and he are visiting his girlfriend's mother's house. The latter urges his mother to try various cheeses.
"I want you to try this piece of Roquefort, Madame Turki," said Marie-Claire's mother as she leaned over a big plate full of various cheeses. "All these cheeses are from our country." My mother devoured a piece of cheese and presented her plate immediately to Marie-Claire's mother, who was happy to see my mother's unexpected appetite for her cheeses. 
"And now, how about a small piece of Pont-l'Évêque?" 
"Delicious," said my mother as she passed her plate back again. 
"Have a piece of this Chaussée Aux Moix; and this piece of Camembert; and this piece of Brie de Meaux; and this and this .... "


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