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Jul 3, 2016


You know what they say about Americans abroad: if the locals don't understand what they say, they speak louder and louder... In English. But check this:

We took our leave of Sóstófürdő with a modest lunch. In the square where the pub was, a wilds how advertising Sprite. Gangsta rap over loudspeakers while Hungarian kids on skateboards slalomed in and out of giant green bottles imagining themselves black brothers. At a table nearby, the father of the family called to the waiter in Polish,"Kotlet scshabowy z fryktami! Veal cutlet with fries! Veal cutlet, dummy!" No matter how much the man raised his voice, however, the Hungarian dummy didn't understand a word.

From Andrzej Stasiuk, The Road to Babadag: Travels in the Other Europe.


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