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Nov 15, 2016


My good friend Guru mentioned Swapna Liddle and I sat up.

Do you know she organises heritage walks in Delhi? he said.

She was our senior at College, he added.

I've heard the name, I said, but only because I read Madhulika Liddle's blog.

Sister? he said.

Quite possibly, I said.

Small world, he said.


When we were at Khan Market, we stopped to look at books at Faqirchand and Sons. A genial proprietor sat behind the desk at the entrance.

Do you have Madhulika Liddle's The Englishman's Cameo? I said.

Madhulika Liddle, Madhulika Liddle, he muttered and scratched his chin.

Book came out a few years ago, no? he said.

I nodded.

Oye, Suresh, he called. (Or Chotu. Or possibly Desai.) An assistant looked up.

Do you remember Madhulika Liddle? he said.

Suresh shook his head.

Sure you do, urged the proprietor. She gave a talk here. Just a few years ago.

Chotu shook his head again.

Yaar, history type book, prompted the proprietor.

Desai went back to his shelving.

Romance, no? the proprietor said to me.

Historical crime fiction, I said.

Yes, I remember, he said.

He looked into the distance.

So, do you have the book? I said.

No, he said.


Dustedoff said...

Aha. :-) Yes, Swapna is my sister. Was your friend at Stephen's?

And if you go to Khan Market looking for my book(s), I'd recommend going to Bahri Sons instead. I have a soft spot for that store because I've been there a couple of times (just to browse, and of course ending up buying something), and they recognised me! I was so flattered. :-D

Feanor said...

Yup, we both were at Stephen's.

Sure, next time I'm at Khan Market, I'll nip into Bahrisons. Are they part of the same clan as Faqirchand?

??! said...

Just part of the same tribe (of booksellers). With a better racial memory (aka, retrieval system).

Don't both of you do some walks together?

Feanor said...

??! - aha, you're still around. You must be my only reader these days. Thanks!

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