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Jul 14, 2017

Deference to the vas

The other day, the boy and his amma and I watched Dear Zindagi. He has been a fan of Alia Bhatt since he saw her in Student of the Year. He thought this film would be as fun as the schoolish one. All the psychoanalysis left him slightly bored. When (spoiler alert) it turned out that Bhatt's character was suffering from the psychological consequences of childhood abandonment, he grew pensive.

Later, he had a conversation with his amma.

"Are you happy with me?" he said.

"Of course, sweetie," she said.

"You don't want any other kids?" he said.

"No," she said.

"If you had another kid, would you leave me with my grandparents?" he said.

"Don't worry, sweetie," she said. "We are really not going to have any more kids."

"Ok," he said.

Then he said, "If you don't want any more kids, why doesn't atcha get a vasectomy?"

"What!" said his amma."Poor guy, why should he go through all those procedures?"

"It's no big deal," he said."It won't hurt at all."


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