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Jul 7, 2017

Overheard XXIV

Green blonde: Hello darling! How was the weekend?

Blue blonde: Oh, well, we went drinking on Friday, and I was so hungover on Saturday.

GB: Oh yah, yah, I don't mind coming into work hungover, but on Saturday? It's a no, no. How was Hamburg?

BB: Oh, the usual. There was some terror thing and the hotel was barricaded and we couldn't enter, and we said, "We don't care - we just want a room!"

GB: God, yah, these disruptions are the worst! I was in Mykonos and wanted to go to Santorini, and everybody was on strike. No boats anywhere. We had to go the long way around. And Santorini - have you been? What an overrated place? Sure it's got the best sunsets ever, but the sea is rough, the beach is horrible, the food is lousy. People who say Santorini is amazing are those who've never seen anything better.

BB: Yah, yah. How was your weekend?

GB: Well, it was my sister-in-law's birthday so we all went to this Russian restaurant in Knightsbridge. It was gorgeous, and the food was amazing. You simply have to go. It was great, the staff was excellent, we had a great time. Then we went to Annabel's and closed the place down.

BB: Ah, nice! So are we on for tennis next week?

GB: Yah, yah.

BB: Watch out, she wants to get off.

GB: How do you get on in Germany? Do you speak German?

BB: Well, I studied it for many years and I can get by, but Hamburg's a bit bleh, Munich is so much nicer.

GB: Yah, I love Munich.

BB: Do you speak German?

GB: Well, in school we had four languages offered, German, Spanish, French and Russian, so of course one had to do Russian.

BB: I looked at Russian for a bit. I learned the letters and all, so I can read it but I can't understand it. It's a nice language.

GB: For sure. And in that Russian restaurant, even the toilets, you know, the restrooms, they were dreamy. You really should go. They had recordings of folk tales playing over the speakers, in a real Russian manner, sing-song, you know, 'И Бабушка сказала...'

BB: Where was it again?

GB: Knightsbridge. I really recommend it.

BB: Cool. So are we on for tennis next week?

GB: Yah, yah. Oh, isn't this your stop?

BB: Yah, yah. Bye, darling.

GB: Bye, darling, see you next week.


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