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Apr 23, 2007


I'm currently besotted with Natacha Atlas. What a talent! I've had her album Halim for several years now, and have listened to Gedida quite often. Excellent stuff. But her Something Dangerous was a bit of disappointment as she departed from her more traditional Arabic and North African melds.

Now she has released Mish-Maoul, and it is as good as anything she has done. You can listen to the album here. Hayati Inta is the pinnacle of the set, with its percussive handclaps and joyous chorus.

By all accounts, she is a typical artiste - mercurial and passionate. After her tenure as lead singer of the eclectic Trans-Global Underground, an ex-bandmate Count Dubulah said this of her: Nat is not an ordinary human being. She is a supremely talented weirdo. She’s a lovely person; she’s just got a few character traits that need kicking the shit out of. Like her temper. She came at me with a knife once.


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