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I am shocked, shocked. Shocked, I tell you! The saintly Tatas involved in drug running? Purging tribals? Supporting British colonial expansionism? Crushing union dissent?

Pshaw, I say, and forsooth. Why, we all know that the Tatas are paragons of industry, captains of civility, heroes of honour. And yet, some people beg to differ.

You may claim that the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal may be a tad biased and blinkered, seeing as they are stridently anti-corporations, but they do gather a small roll-call of infamy. Okay, so you can't blame an Indian company during the colonial period supporting the colonial endeavour - after all, everybody's gotta make a living, what? But supplying opium? Protesting to the Hong Kong Legislative Council that a bill on the regulation of the opium trade would adversely affect their business?

Good grief.


Maddy said...

i guess you have heard of the surname ganjawala in bombay (like kunal G) - right? well that answers your question.

Fëanor said...

actually, no - i don't think i've come across that particular last name. interesting etymology. are you sure it derives from the opium trade?

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