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Here is a series of situations where pictures are worth several tens of words. I will not say what those words could be.

Stained Glass Spills Colour in Palais de Bahia

Ornate Door with Zellij Threshold in Palais de Bahia

Dome of the Almoravid Qoubba

Room. Riad Dar-Hanane.

Walls of the Madrassa Ben Youssef.

Arched Doorways in the Musee de Marrakech.

Faience Woodwork Window. Madrassa Ben Youssef.

Gate. Saadian Tombs.


Szerelem said...

oh thanks for making us cooped up souls feel even more miserable!!!

Gah, I wanna go to Morocco!!

Fëanor said...

Szerelem: why are you cooped up? As Cindy Brady lisped, "All you gotta do ith thpread your wings and FLY!" :-)

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