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At the Musee de Marrakech, there are two exhibitions of contemporary art running at the moment. One comprises works of art by Moroccan artists. The other is titled From Pakistan With Love. We checked out both with varying degrees of satisfaction.

First, the Moroccan art scene. There's been much talk about it and the Gallery Matisse in the New Town is where it's at. Launched in 1999 by Nabil El Mellouki and Youssef Falaki, it shows work by talented young Moroccan artists. When we went there, they were in the midst of moving the paintings. The wife would stop in front of one likely one, admire it, turn around to beckon me to it, and when I went up to her, find that it was gone. Gone, gone. Can't say that anything particularly appealed to us, so we were quite pleased to see that the exhibit in the Museum was better.

First up, here is Mohammed Nabil, Sans Titre (technique mixte sur bois), painted directly on wood. What do I know of this man? Nothing. Can't find a thing on him on Google either.

Next, Abdellatif Zine, Sans Titre (huile sur toile). Mr Zine is fairly better represented on the Web. For instance, on Christmas Day last year, he was exhibiting some of his work in the UAE.

Next, Abdellatif Zine, Guedra.

Next, Boujemâa Lakhdar, Hmadcha, 1978. A brief biography of this painter is available here.

Next, Boujemâa Lakhdar, Cavalcade (peinture sur bois), 1973-78.

And, finally, Boujemâa Lakhdar, Sans Titre (cuivre martole et circle), 1978.

Cool, eh?

Next, the exhibition by Pakistani artists. I didn't take any snaps of these, but noted one name. Rashida Raza, who is based in Lahore, had some frozen-motion snaps of classical dancers. Much to the wife 's irritation, there were Bharatanatyam dancers captured in various mudras ("How is that Pakistani?" she fumed), as well as black-and-white photographs of Kathak dancers. Rashida, whom I had never heard of prior to this, is quite a well-exhibited artist. With her husband, Raza Kazim, who trained her in the art, she had this show (with some nice examples) in Holland, for instance.


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