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Mar 26, 2008

Code Cogs

So! It appears that there is one (still clumsy) way to display math text in Blogger. The folks at CodeCogs have to be thanked for this.

It's still rather painful in that if I switch to the WYSIWIG editor, I get an INVALID EQUATION warning, and when I come back to the HTML editor, I find that the source line invoking Code Cogs' parser and image creator is garbled. Sheesh.

But it doesn't look half-bad, eh? A bit pixellated, but clear enough.

Or even:

Royal pain, though, to have to put the Latex code into one long line without breaks.

And an even bigger problem is, of course, that each time this page is rendered, a query goes out to the CodeCogs server, causing it to shudder. This is not a nice thing to do, so I'll retire this page tonight. (Ah, but see Update below.)

So! The search for built-in math typesetting in Blogger continues...

UPDATE 26/03/2008: Got permission from the folks at CodeCogs to add the aforementioned links. Currently they can soak up the load, but if the usage increases dramatically, they expect to ask for donations. Hence, this page goes back up.

Also, it appears that the problem of garbling the TeX code when switching from HTML to WYSIWIG is a bug in the Internet Explorer: it doesn't like the TeX code embedded within HTML if there are spaces in the TeX, and truncates at the first space. Firefox doesn't have this problem. CodeCogs has a tool that generates TeX, and will post a fix such that the TeX it generates will not have spaces. That's not a full fix for the problem of course - Internet Explorer needs to sort out its HTML parsing, I guess. Meanwhile, use Firefox and remember to brush your teeth after every meal!


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