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[From Korrespondent, 03 Feb 2009]

Today, 3 February, in the centre of Kiev, on 35 Bolshoi Vasilkovskiy street, the house of the famous writer Sholem Aleichem was demolished.

Today, after lunch, ten activists from the citizen's initiative Save Old Kiev blocked entry into the building to the builders. Despite this, say the activists, the company Kyiv Housing-Invest Management continues its demolition of the XIX century house, where the author once dwelt for a time.

In fact, added the activists, the demolition proceeded despite a letter from Ruslan Kukharenko, chief of the Office for the Protection of Cultural Heritage.

Policemen and the government authorities concerned did not intervene in the actions of the construction company, said

It appears that planning permission for the demolition was granted by the Kiev city council in 2007. The construction company plans to erect a hotel in its place, in time for Euro 2012.

(Additionally, from here, it appears that the city council is really quite unconcerned about the destruction of the historic quarter.)


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