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Feb 3, 2009

A Snowy Walk

Others have described their London-under-snow experiences, and bemoaned the collapsing infrastructure in this city at the merest hint of inclement weather, so I shall not belabour these points and restrict myself to pointing out that, en route to work yesterday, I ended up trudging 3 miles in the crunchy snow.

Which reminds me of an interesting turn of phrase I came across recently: I'd love to eat the sound of snow being crunched by shoes. Indeed.

So, for reasons too mundane to limn, I found myself at Tottenham Court Road tube station and facing the prospect of a hike to Bishopsgate. The route is extremely straightforward. New Oxford Street to High Holborn to Holborn Viaduct to Newgate Street to Cheapside to Threadneedle Street to Bishopsgate. It is pretty much one long road, not altogether pretty but with an occasional highlight along the way. And here are some pictures of stuff I saw.


[Old Department Store on New Oxford Street]

[Memorial to the Infantryman in the Great War, by the Prudential Building]

[City Temple (background), St Andrew's Church (foreground)]

[Statue on Holborn Viaduct]

[Cupola of the Criminal Court]

[Paternoster Square]

[Elizabeth Frink's Shepherd and Sheep on Paternoster Square, St. Paul's Cathedral.]


C K said...

Hey there, I see that you managed to get to work with relatively little trouble. :) Well, my workplace declared an unofficial half day off on Mon, what about yours?

Many took the liberty to take today off as well and opted to work from home. It wasn't too bad today, wasn't it? At least the Tube is working.

Fëanor said...

CK: Ha, I missed this comment. Clearly, I was working too hard at the trudging and the crunching. We didn't have half days off, although HR did recommend that we try to leave before dark.

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