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When women in England were bemoaning the emasculation of their men who spent most of their time drinking coffee, reading papers, gossiping about the latest market trends, and possibly even smoking, Sultan Murad the Fourth was roaming the streets of Istanbul, ordering the executions of those he found flouting a smoking ban he had put into place.

That was about 350 years ago. Today, Reuters reveals that Turkey is shortly to impose yet another smoking ban on that macho country. Erdogan, the main man at the helm of Turkish affairs, is likely to now face the brunt of popular displeasure. How dare they ban an aspect of our national culture, goes the cry. What next? No hubbly-bubblies?


rocksea said...

wish something similar happened in italy... surrounded by too much smoke. and women, even pregnant ladies and those with kids, smoke more than men here. instead of a complete ban, smoking at public places will help those who dislike it but are forced into passive smoking.

Fëanor said...

rocksea: thanks for your comment. it's interesting that every time a smoking ban is mooted, the same arguments are trotted out: business will suffer, it violates fundamental rights, etc. but how much more pleasant it is to visit a pub in england now that smokers are not stinking up the place. the continentals are on their way there too, hopefully sooner than later.

btw, i like your genealogical site. i wonder if anything similar is even possible with the old tharvads. no detailed records unlike with the church would pose a problem, i guess.

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