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When can a blog be truly said to have arrived? Why, when the Bong Blogosphere makes mention of it.

প্রায় একমাস আগে, জোস্ট আ মন ব্লগ এপ্রিল মাসে পড়া হয়েছে এমন ‘ভাষান্তরকৃত অপরাধ ও রোমাঞ্চ গল্পের‘ একটি রিভিউ পোস্ট করেন- যার মধ্যে বেশ কিছু বই ছিল মধ্য আর পূর্ব ইউরোপের লেখকদের

Eh? Eh?

And, of course, I only found out about it two months after.


km said...

As a one-time "linkee" on a Bong blog/mailing list network, let me just say this: your life will never be the same.

Which is why I'm always nice to *all* Bengalis.

Veena said...

Bill agrees.

(After the 41 minutes it took him to read that one sentence. Vague font apparently.)

Fëanor said...

KM: Good motto to live by: being nice to all bongs.

Veena: I'm glad Bill didn't debunk it. The blow would have been too crushing!

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