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Okay, I was really not going to, but this collection and that article completely forced my hand. In this year's Miss Universe pageant there's a serious preponderance of peacocks. What does it say about the international world of fashion if there's so much (simultaneous) fascination with that bird? It must be something to do with all that strutting, and in this universe of gender neutrality, why bother with the lacklustre peahens? Look at all this glitter:

Jimena Navarrete (Miss Mexico)Ushoshi Sengupta (Miss India)Marva Wright (Miss Costa Rica)
So what's up with all the peacockery, then?


km said...

Another one who hasn't really bothered is Demetra Olymbiou, Miss Cyprus. Where are the feathers? The beads? The silver whip and alien headdress?


Fëanor said...

It's like the Cutty S(n)ark.

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