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Apr 22, 2011

Franz Ferdinand Food

Alex Kapranos, the intellectual front-man for the rock troupe Franz Ferdinand, blogged about the food he ate and the drinks he swilled during one of his tours. Between 16 Sep 2005 and 25 Aug 2006, he posted weekly updates in the Guardian. Much of it comprises quiet observation. Sometimes, it's yum.
Kidney beans seem to be a British interpretation of Mexican food, like mayonnaise with sushi or lasagne and chips. I order migas especiales con hongos, which is eggs scrambled with tortilla strips and mushrooms under a blanket of cheese and red chilli sauce. There is a pool of black beans and a glorious guacamole, light with lime and coriander, on the side. It is perfect breakfast food: homely and reassuring, with enough piquancy to wake you up.
(He had just asked some Texans if they ate kidney beans. Eew, gross, was the reply.)


km said...

Would you trust the gastronomical opinions of a man whose biggest hit was a ripoff of a Led Zeppelin song?

I totally would.

//what happened to the "Starving artist" stereotype?

Fëanor said...

ripoff? a bit harsh? i might say 'inspired', heh.

i don't think western artists are starved anymore. they get pretty good wages waiting on tables...

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