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May 21, 2011

Accessory To Murder

In an otherwise rather pedestrian book, there's a small glimmer of understanding. Check out Elaine Viets' Accessory to Murder.
Some people say it with flowers. Joanie said it with food. She believed in comfort food - if you ate, she felt better. Josie didn't think she could eat anything after Alyce's frittata, but she took a small nibble of the corned beef. Then she took a big bite. Soon she'd downed several slabs of meat.
The turkey looked as if it had been sliced off a real bird. Josie hated the processed junk that tasted like wet Kleenex. She helped herself to a small piece. Yum. Juicy. She tried a little more. Then a lot more.
How can I eat like this when a woman had been murdered? Josie thought.
Because death makes you hungry for life, she decided. She piled life-giving salami on rye.


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