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May 23, 2011

What Cheek!

The boy got into a slanging match with a couple of little fellows at school. One of them turned around and slapped him roundly on the cheek. The mother rushed up to the aggressor to expostulate. Wherefore physical violence? etc. The fellow - all of six years old - snapped rudely at her and stomped off to class.

It is the school's practice to send an email around to the parents whenever similar episodes of violence occur. Dear Parent, goes a sample mail. We regret to inform you that one boy defenestrated another. There was minor concussion in one boy and a sudden loss of musical ability in the perpetrator, but no serious damage to school property. To prevent such occurrences in the future, we have decided to post armadilloes at every window. Yours etc., Headperson Smythe.

So we weren't surprised to receive an email from the school office today. The subject read : A Case of Slapped Cheeks. Whoa, said the wife. That was quick.

A quick perusal of the contents quickly disabused us. It turns out that Slapped Cheeks are something else entirely.

We learn something new everyday.


Anonymous said...

Don't know which is worse.

You keep that fellow under lock and key now. Its a bad world out there.

What with slapped cheek and slapped cheeks.

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