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Aug 2, 2011

Not PMS, After All

U-bahn line 2. Berlin. 4pm. An English couple board the train.

"Didn't you get a map?" he says.

"You know I didn't. Why do you keep asking me that?" she says.

"Why didn't you?" he says.

"Leave me alone, okay. Just leave me alone," she says.

"But why didn't you?" he says.

"Fucking leave me alone," she says.

"I really want to know. I'm asking an honest question. Why didn't you get the map? It's not a rhetorical question," he says.

"..." she says.

"Why are you so pissed off?" he says.

His face suddenly clears, as though life's great questions have been answered in his mind.

"Look, do you want food?" he says.


Anonymous said...

OHMIGOD. I am not hungry okay. Just didn't want to get the ****ing map. Argh.

Fëanor said...

Anon: I feel your pain.

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