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I must confess I have not - as far as I can recall - ever read any children's books by an Australian author. Until fairly recently, that is to say. Norman Lindsay's The Magic Pudding is a beaut, however, a peach of a book, positively rollicking with humour and verse and good companionship.

And, of course, food - lots of it, every variety of pudding and pie.

"Let feeble feeders stoop
To plates of oyster soup.
   Let pap engage
   The gums of age
And appetites that droop;
   We much prefer to chew
   A steak-and-kidney stew.

"Let yokels coarse appease
Their appetites with cheese.
   Let women dream
   Of cakes and cream,
We scorn fal-lals like these;
   Our sterner sex extols
   The joy of boiled jam rolls.

"We scorn digestive pills;
Give us the food that fills;
   Who bravely stuff
   Themselves with Duff,
May laugh at Doctors's bills.
   For medicine, partake
   Of kidney, stewed with steak.

"Then plight our faith anew
Three puddin'-owners true,
   Who boldly claim,
   In Friendship's name
The noble Irish stoo,
Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurroo!"


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