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Jan 7, 2012

Movie Quiz - Answers

All right, all right, hold your horses. I know that all 8 of you that attempted this quiz are desperate to see the solutions. So here you go.

1. Am positive a lamb leg will make things loads better: Shawshank Redemption 
2. Jesus’s Granddad: Godfather 
3. Mother Theresa, Hitler and John Merrick: The good. The bad, the ugly 
4. Jarvis Cocker isn’t real: Pulp Fiction 
5. Batman sees no moon or stars: Dark Knight 
6. Nice guys: Goodfellas 
7. A white Spanish house: Casablanca 
8. Join for a barney: Fight Club
9. They stole Noah’s sat nav: Raiders of the Lost Ark 
10. Not this lot in the lineup again! The Usual Suspects 
11. Rectangular numbers: The Matrix 
12. I can’t hear the baaas: Silence of the Lambs 
13. This helps a community member walk: Citizen Kane 
14. Keep Malibu and Santa Monica secret: LA Confidential 
15. Canines playing in the water supply: Reservoir Dogs 
16. Return to tomorrow: Back to the Future 
17. Wet karaoke: Singing in the Rain 
18. Bannister was an environmentalist: The Green Mile 
19. Contender, Are you ready? Gladiator 
20. Blindfolded and handcuffed underwater and got out, wow: The Great Escape 
21. Expiring isn’t easy: Die Hard 
22. Lottery win for poor Lassie: Slumdog Millionaire 
23. A regal roar: Lion King 
24. An expensive offspring: Million Dollar Baby 
25. Blown away my dear: Gone With the Wind 
26. There’s the 2184214 to Paddington: Trainspotting 
27. It will have cost this toy boy at least £9k a year: The Graduate 
28. Cloughie’s story: Life of Brian 
29. Get me out of this womb or else! Bourne Ultimatum 
30. I’m looking for one that leaves it all to me: Good Will Hunting 
31. The story of Harry S.? The Truman Show 
32. Filthy gyrating: Dirty Dancing 
33. An expensive digit: Goldfinger 
34. Don’t show him red…..too late: Raging Bull 
35. I do, I do, I do, I do… sad: Four Weddings and a Funeral 
36. The Queen’s one who needs treatment: The English Patient 
37. There’s at least a couple decent chaps: A Few Good Men 
38. Satan’s lawyer: Devil's Advocate 
39. Don’t even have a hint: Clueless 
40. Mind if I butt in young lady: Girl, Interrupted 
41. Insomnia in Washington: Sleepless in Seattle 
42. It’s the end of the world: Armageddon 
43. The King's Wife rules over dry lands: Priscilla, Queen of the Desert 
44. Indian junior keeps it beating to stay alive: Braveheart 
45. He may be a predator but he's such a nice man: Deer Hunter 
46. They just upped and left: The Departed 
47. Tee it high and she will bloom, but she's no English rose: Driving Miss Daisy 
48. 23.5 miles to bring Frank and us together: The French Connection 
49. Rented bacon: Hamlet 
50. Painful storage: The Hurt Locker 
51. Knight of the Crop Landings: Lord of the Rings 
52. He's here all year long - winter spring summer or fall: A Man for all Seasons 
53. On the cusp of tomorrow the Indian's foe arrives: Midnight Cowboy 
54. The wife doesn't believe it was arson: Mrs Doubtfire 
55. Stateless for geriatric dudes: No Country For Old Men 
56. Swiss elevators rock from side to side: Schindler's List 
57. Amorous Bard: Shakespeare in Love 
58. Friendly Party Animal connects over WiFi: The Social Network 
59. A Creepy crawly male friend ....... as well: Spiderman 2 
60. It's a contracted affection ... even fondness: Terms of Endearment 
61. A prostitute's target meets the bootmaker: Tom Jones 
62. Read the book on Ali G's home turf: West Side Story 
63. Addition for those that enjoy the sun on the back: Some Like It Hot 
64. Route to Hades: Road to Perdition 
65. Uncle's son is related to Mr Jones ... : My Cousin Vinny 
66. Insurrection for coconut candy: Mutiny on the Bounty 
67. William II brings a regal finality north of Hadrian's Wall: The Last King of Scotland


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