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Mar 12, 2012

Potter in the Park

The boy went to the park the other day dressed in a Hogwarts cloak and a Harry Potter pair of glasses.

He hadn't been able to find his wand. Instead, he wielded a twig to great effect.

He ran around screaming 'Leviosa' and 'Reducto'. Had he known 'Episkey', he might have used it too.

A couple of older girls were sitting on a tree. They smiled at him. Encouraged, he began to ham it up. He posed like Snape before a duel. He scowled devilishly. He ran at me, fell, dropped his twig, ran back to the girls. They had lost interest in him by then.

'Smelly armus!' he shouted. They looked at him, startled.

'I mean - expelliarmus!' he shouted again, a bit less loudly.

'I mean - I've forgotten my wand,' he added in a whisper.

'That is not funny, Harry Potter,' said one of the girls severely.

He came back to where I standing, looking somewhat abashed


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Aww. Put photo?

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