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Mar 20, 2012

Weekend Jinks

It was quite sunny, so I took the boy to the park, where
  1. I was an ogre stomping behind the boy, immune to the arrows he shot at me,
  2. he laid traps for the ogre by leaving sticks lying around, and when I got trapped, he rode his bike around the park as fast as he could,
  3. he was Hanuman and took flying leaps into my arms,
  4. we had running races to nearby trees, and although I ran much faster than him, I never won because as I approached the finish, it felt like I was running through treacle. 

There was a time when he would try to befriend other kids in the park, but now he ignores them completely. I think he is losing his gregariousness, which is sad, really. 


We ran into one of his classmates, Bart, at the local supermarket. He has often complained about Bart, and yet he invited that fellow home. Then as Bart went away, the boy turned to me and said, "I can't believe I invited a bully home!" 


We are not sure that Bart is really a bully. I'm sure the kids fight each other often, but they also play together. When the wife went to see the boy's swimming lesson the other day, he was so happy to see her that he frequently despatched Bart over to her with various messages. Bart was quite happy to oblige.


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