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Sep 26, 2012


I think one can use a long break from work well if one has a job lined up. There is no uncertainty or worry, and it's easy to plan how best to use the time. One can also enjoy a long break if one has no need to work again: if one has won the lottery or has saved enough to last the rest of one's life. One can then take up new interests or pursue old ones, flit from idea to idea, stare at the wall night and day, or invent a robot that can tickle one's back.

My situation doesn't fall into either of these. There is no job offer. I have not won the Euromillions. So, three months into joblessness, what have I achieved? A trip to Madrid. A bit of art. A lot of TV. A ramble in the Surrey Hills. Sunshine and rain. A few books. A smattering of work on a technical paper. A nice summer vacation with the family. And yeah, a couple of articles contributed to the Wikipedia, one of which is still pending approval.

Along the Norbury Park walk
On the Norbury Park Trail, Surrey Hills.

The wife suggested in July that I should use the time to get a British driving licence and to learn to swim. I'm abashed to say that I have achieved neither.

And so it goes.


Parmanu said...

Then there is also the list of delightful posts here that you can add to your list.

I don't know if this is any consolation, but in my case I've been working all these months, and I still can't put my finger on what I have "achieved". I used to be puzzled about this, but now no longer.

Good luck on the job front.

Fëanor said...

Thanks! I have to say I had few achievements worth mentioning when I worked, so I was hoping for better when I am not working. It's good to see that the even keel of my life continues irrespective of employment.

Maddy said...

cheer up and see English Vinglish. will do you a ton of good.

Fëanor said...

Ha, thanks, Maddy: I've heard it's pretty good. Will look out for it.

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