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Nov 9, 2012


I swear I started with every good intention. Why not do a brain dump into the Hindi Wikipedia of all the good stuff I know about differential equations? I still recall my twelfth grade Mathematics final exam that had questions in Hindi and English. Solve the following differential equation, it said, and beneath it, unforgettably, निम्नलिखित अवकल समीकरण को हल कीजिये. Ooh, I was all aquiver. 

And I was dashed. Dashed, I tell you. I could make no progress whatsoever. For one thing, there already is an article on differential equations. For another, formatting Hindi text was bad enough - mathematical text did my head in. 

So I caved. Mamta Mohandas now has a Hindi Wikipedia page. This is clearly a quixotic effort. Who in North India even cares about Malayalam cinema? And which of these worthies will read up on her in Hindi, when the English page is equally comprehensive? I don't know.

Will someone please take a look at the page and let me know if I've made any grammatical or semantic errors? It's been years since I've read or written Hindi. 



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