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Sep 30, 2013


Although the darkness of the evening conceals
                               your sweet form
(Lithe lightning dormant in the seams of the
                               purple storm cloud!)
O quailing beauty, you forget how your
                               fragrant wreath and
Clear-tinkling anklets as you merge with the
                               night you reveal.

From the Mrcchakatika, a Sanskrit drama. Translated by Steven Goodwin.


Paridhi said...

I remember studying this drama back in X std! :) beautiful it is ..

Feanor said...

You did Sanskrit in class X? Too much, I say.

Paridhi said...

I am a gold medalist in Sanskrit :) scored 100 in the CBSE board exams .. it is one of my fav subjects! Thanks to the teacher .. he made it so easy for his students to enjoy the subject thoroughly..

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