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Feb 3, 2014

Church Food

In Evelio Rosero's venomously anti-Church novel Good Offices, the three Lilias, old and worn-out and attached to the Church have prepared a meal of eyewatering ambition and mouthwatering delicacy when the priest, Father Almida, has a local benefactor over for repast.
On one occasion, Don Justiniano had agreed to have lunch with the Father in the presbytery dining room; they had dined alone, behind closed doors. The three Lilias had outdone themselves: spicy potato stew, avocados, passion-fruit pudding, flank steak, fruit cocktail, chicken with dried fruit and almonds, saffron rice with parsley, triple dairy flan, melon, soursop sorbet, stewed curuba fruit and a creamy cheese with honey that the Lilias called manna. But it had all been in vain, because in the end, lunch had been delivered from the kitchens of the Hilton Hotel: American-style fried chicken breasts, pork loin in sherry, eggs à la king, ravioli in sauce, curried rice and a Normandy pear tart.
Almida did apologise to them, so don't worry. 


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