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Feb 24, 2014


The boy's friend is half-Scottish by birth, and wholly Scottish by inclination. Recently, he said, "If I could vote, I would vote for Scottish independence."

Then he added, "You know, the English are scared of the Scots."

"Why?" said the boy.

"Well, without the Scots, the English wouldn't have TV," said the friend.

(He claims that John Logie Baird is a relative.)

The boy thought about this for a bit and said, "You know, the Indians are scared of the English."

"Why?" said the friend.

"Well, think about it. The English ruled over India for a long time. And they had chainmail! Armour! What did the Indians have? Turbans! What were they supposed to do with turbans? Flick them at the English?"

(I blame Amar Chitra Katha - once again.)


??! said...

Didn't they use those turbans as slings?

Phantasmagoria said...

We have spinning things and long lasting curses and rebirths and reincarnations and beautiful women who lure evil men only to teach them a lesson. Why have you not educated him about those!!

Fëanor said...

??!: turbans as slings? i might mention this to the boy. maybe we can calculate the impact on armour of a stone slung from a turban. cunning way to introduce a bit of physics…

@phantasm: rebirth and reincarnation? how do those stop a knight in armour? we have military matters to deal with here!

??! said...

Small pointed (heated?) stones could slip right through the chainmail. Plus, Indians vs English is so David vs Goliath - also a sling story!

Maybe the Indians should have threatened to curse them into being reborn as an Indian peasant. During a drought.

Phantasmagoria said...

Bah. No wonder his education is incomplete. You can always come back in another birth to settle scores. Have you not read the Mahabharata? THAT, my friend, is a military strategy that is very hard to beat!

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