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Mar 3, 2014

Sweetly Greek

Sofia Papalenou felt the changing seasons through her confectionery: in spring, there were the special Lenten biscuits and Easter breads to be baked; then came the summer wedding season and the demand for cakes and the deep fried pastry dipped in honey, kserotigano, that was handed out at nuptials. August was also the month when they made their own ice-creams in amazing flavours. Then came autumn which was specially busy for celebratory gateaux for saints' days, with Stavros, Elpida and Thomas being particularly popular names in this town. After that were the St Nicholas specialities at the beginning of December, the frantic Christmas period and finally the Vasilopita cakes for the New Year that reminded her that yet another twelve months had gone by and her daughter was still unattached.

From Victoria Hislop's "The Zacharoplasteion" in The Last Dance and Other Stories.


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